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Observability in Future Management

In today's business world, observability has emerged as a fundamental system for companies of all sizes and sectors. It is the ability to monitor, understand, and measure the state of a system or application through data generated in its operations.

Observability goes beyond simply monitoring metrics and performance indicators. It involves the ability to collect, correlate, and analyze a wide range of data, from event logs to performance metrics, to obtain a comprehensive and accurate view of how systems are functioning. This allows companies to identify and resolve problems proactively, optimize processes, and make more precise decisions.

Understanding the internal state or condition of complex systems has a significant impact on the efficiency, optimization, and innovation capacity of companies. In this article, we will highlight some of these impacts.

Detection and Resolution of Problems

Allows agility in identifying the root cause in real time, enabling a quick and effective response, minimizing downtime and avoiding negative impacts on the company and its reputation with stakeholders.

Resource Optimization

With a clear understanding of how internal systems work, companies can identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities to optimize resources. This may involve more efficient allocation of IT infrastructure, automatic scaling of resources based on demand, or identifying deficiencies in business processes.

Support in Decision Making.

Observability provides concrete and up-to-date data to support strategic decision-making. By analyzing trends and patterns in the observed data, business leaders can make more informed decisions about investments, product development, and market strategies.


By better understanding the behavior and performance of systems, companies can act and innovate more quickly. Observability provides valuable insights that can fuel the product development process, enabling the release of new features and functionalities more quickly and efficiently.


Observability is essential for companies looking to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment. By investing in tools and practices that promote this resource, companies can improve their operational efficiency, provide exceptional customer experience, and drive innovation, ensuring their long-term success.

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Vinicius Marcondes - Marketing and Communication

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