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Franchise Management

The xG-Admin is responsible for connecting to a registered device, executing a command to obtain the 3G/4G/5G chip that is currently operating, to obtain greater control over the use of internet plans on devices that use data furniture.

xG-Admin Brief Description


Brief Description

Management of franchise consumption of devices that use the 3G, 4G, 5G cellular network, avoiding exceeding the contracted limit and changing operator, when available.



  • Network Management

  • Audit

  • Cost Control

xG-Admin Capabilities
xG-Admin How does it work


How does it work

This functionality, specialized in devices that use the cellular network, aims to allow the management and administration of the allocation of SIM Cards and allows management from receipt of cards from the operator until their deactivation due to problems or cancellations.


What you get

This resource will make it possible to evaluate potential undue charges, lost SIM Cards, misuse by devices not found in the field and, together with traffic monitoring, may indicate potential franchise exhaustion.

xG-Admin What you get
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