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If you are an active, collaborative, tuned-in person, willing to face challenges, not afraid to take risks, thirsty to learn, like to share information, and think that people are important, you are probably the right person to be a part of of our team and find and show it all is here.

Investing in our team

Hybrid work

GPr's employers are fully committed and conscious about their responsibilities with our clients and with the others of team.

We adopted a hybrid modality of work, considering it's the best compromise between personal life and work life.

Home work is a reality with GPr support. Presencial days are encouraged to maintain a face-to-face contact, we believe is importante to have a good relationship and share of ideas and experiences.

Information is never too much

The GPr+i program is an initiative by GPr Sistemas to create a collaborative and stimulating environment for exchanging information on subjects that are of personal interest, and that it would be nice to publicize.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, with a lot of information to share and the importance of information can only be realized with its dissemination.

Internship Program

We created an internship program to train future professionals who will still be in school. We provide all the information necessary to become highly competent professionals who are satisfied with their performance.

A team was trained to welcome interns, with cooperative project guidance, in which each intern receives full training to work together with the development teams.

Each intern is monitored daily by their “Buddy”, responsible for resolving or forwarding any queries. The Buddy is chosen from among the most experienced professionals, considering the characteristics of the profile observed in the intern, which facilitates the process of adaptation and integration over time.

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