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Configuration Management

Module specialized in ensuring software distribution, massive configuration adjustments and control of policies and configuration activities of a network with thousands of heterogeneous devices and multiple technologies.

Some Details

Module integrated with Monet-NG to maintain inventory and configuration management of network and security devices.

It was developed in a modular way, and can be used alone or added to the Monet-NG functionalities

The system was developed using micro-services, enabling installation in both on-premises and cloud environments, supporting technologies such as containers and kubernetes.


Retrieves the configuration of network equipment by schedule and analyzes changes since the last scan. If changes are found, they are reported and identified.

Software Distribution

Firmware update using SCP, SFTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols for equipment with these features available. The process includes transferring files, verifying the transferred file, changing configuration, rebooting the equipment and verifying the update to the new version. The update process is scheduled and executed within a specific time window. A report is generated with all equipment that has been updated and those that are pending for the next update window.


It is possible to create configuration "scripts" to be applied en masse to all equipment belonging to a group. The system runs the "scripts" on each device, checks responses and final configuration to ensure that the settings have been applied. Reports are generated regarding the success of configurations, pending issues and non-conformities observed in the responses obtained by the equipment.

Life Cycle

The system, in the scanning process to collect configurations, identifies the firmware versions running and analyzes them with the versions that the company or supplier indicates as the best choice for the equipment. A percentage of compliance report is generated by group, model or supplier.

Policy Compliance

The software allows policies to be defined for groups of equipment that must be checked for audit or security compliance. These policies are "scripts" of commands that must be executed and regular expressions that will be applied to responses to commands to ensure that the policies are applied and in use. A compliance report and individual cases of each non-conformity found are generated.

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