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Inteligent Observability and Management


Who Needs

The growth of equipment and service bases available in the networks of large corporations, with different technologies and management requirements for each supplier, requires appropriate and intelligent administration, monitoring and action tools.


Efficient and Effective

Monet is a single management system with an operational interface that brings together all monitoring needs, allowing you to add new functionalities through modular expansions. With a homogeneous interface that can be customized to the specific needs of each operation, it is a tailored, efficient and effective tool, without adding unnecessary resources.



Monet presents advantages and flexibility in resource management, in the process of identifying failures and proactively solving problems, making it natural to apply to voice, data and image environments.


Data Base

Being able to be integrated into the most diverse storage environments, it allows your databases to be shared with previously existing resources in the corporation, without requiring the implementation of new backup policies or the training of different DBA professionals.


Artificial Inteligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning resources allows a proactive approach, eliminating the need for a large team of professionals specialized in many equipment and technologies.

Root Cause and Much More

Although operating in the management of large networks, with equipment and services from multiple suppliers, Monet is responsible for treating all traps, filtering multiple events, and determining the root cause, respecting dependencies and prioritizing treatment, minimizing the amount of events and pointing out the main generator of failures or performance degradation, with no need for specific scripts for each platform.


Perfect Solution

Monet is the ideal solution for corporations looking to reduce the time and costs associated with periods of unavailability of websites or services. The possibility of having centralized control of the entire network operation, independent of equipment or service providers, allows for a significant reduction in the size of teams and resources allocated to training personnel responsible for management.

Some Details

Monet-NG is a modular observability system that can be described using the following components

The system was developed using micro-services, enabling installation in both on-premises and cloud environments, supporting technologies such as containers and kubernetes.


The Monet system has an automated discover mechanism that allows you to obtain the network topology, using mainly the ICMP, SNMP, LLDP and CDP protocols. Equipment data such as description, model, host name, as well as interconnections through interfaces are obtained, forming the “Network Design”.


The collection process allows for horizontal scaling to meet the most varied demands, both for obtaining metrics and device dimensions. It is possible to define different collections (set of metrics for collection) that cover the most varied groups of devices. Information can be obtained using the SNMP protocol, which allows the compilation of OIDs based on the equipment's MIB definition, as well as integration with OpenTelemetry or even customized forms to meet specific business demands. The collected metrics can be easily exported to a data lake such as Splunk, ElasticSearch or cloud environments and allow the application of ML to extract trends and indicators.

Events and Alarms

It has a powerful rule definition tool that allows, based on events generated by thresholds in metrics, TRAPS and other correlations, to generate customized alarms for quick identification of occurrences for generating notifications and applying AIOps. By crossing data obtained from Discover with alarm information, it is possible to quickly locate the root cause, also graphically. The tool also allows integration with ITSM systems to automate calls and flows required by the business.

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