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To process log files and extract useful information is a huge job, but logAI can help you making it easy. logAI is an essential tool for providing guidance to the operation and maintenance team of IT environments.

The Problem
The Solution


The increase in the complexity of IT environments, involving a large volume and diversity of equipment and applications, makes management an extremely difficult activity, leading to non-observance of information that could be essential to avoid operational problems. Several systems generate logs of their operations and events, which forms a rich set for identifying or even predicting potential problems. Despite all the information extracted from logs and correlations, difficulties may still occur in achieving accurate transaction tracking in complex environments. With the emerging implementation of microservices, creating chained transactions divided into several distinct processes, traceability has become more complex and log information alone is not always sufficient. However, these logs tend to be complex, with a huge volume, and often difficult to understand. This need allowed the emergence of standardization (OpenTracing and now OpenTelemetry) and specific tools for tracking, where we can highlight Jaeger (CNCF) and SkyWalking (Apache). In this universe, almost bordering on chaos, logAI is an essential tool for providing guidance to the operation and maintenance team of IT environments.


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Data Ingestion

As this data (logs and events) can be generated from various types of different sources (network devices, applications, operating systems), and also in various formats, logAI has mechanisms for ingesting and transforming this data.




LogAI implements retention strategies to support high data volumes, hybrid models (on-premises and cloud) and enables fast and efficient queries.



It allows quick and flexible manual queries to obtain data, applying filters that accurately identify essential information for use in audits or problem solving.


Rules and Analysis

logAI has mechanisms that allow the definition of rules that include filters and correlation, which can detect specific situations to generate alerts.




On all screens, including query screens, resources are available for extracting data in different formats, using a set of filters to select relevant information.



They have a simple and clear format, allowing the visualization of graphs and indicators to facilitate the identification of trends and anomalies in real time.



Implements a structure for creating alerts and notifications associated with any pre-defined rule or situation where this is necessary.


ITSM integration

LogAI implements API for automation and integration with the ticket opening and closing system, according to the definition of pre-defined rules and policies.


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