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FinOps: The 6 Pillars Guiding Decision-Making

Updated: Apr 11

The FinOps Foundation seeks to create content that guides the agents involved in the task of its implementation.

In addition to the three phases of the process (presented in the first article), FinOps has 6 principles developed by members of the FinOps Foundation to guide decision-making, namely:

Collaboration Among Teams

Teams should work together with the goal of continuous improvement in efficiency and innovation.

Everyone's Responsibility for Cloud Usage

Everyone involved in software development should begin to consider cost as a new metric of efficiency, from the beginning to the end of the project.

Centralize a Team to Drive FinOps

By designating a team that encourages and advocates for FinOps best practices in a shared responsibility model, it eliminates the need for operations engineers, for example, to think about rate negotiation and allows them to remain focused on optimizing their own environments.

Provide Accessible and Timely FinOps Data

Share and process cost data whenever available. Agile visibility of information generates rapid feedback resulting in more efficient actions. Analysis of trends and variations facilitates understanding of spending variables.

Value-Driven Cloud Decisions

Consider the cloud as an innovation driver, making conscious decisions between costs, speed, and quality, based on value metrics that better demonstrate the impact on business than aggregate spending.

Leverage the Variable Allocation Model

Cloud service providers have a vast array of business opportunities. The multitude of contracting models and offerings represent a wide range of choices and scenario combinations, which when well utilized result in significant savings of financial resources.

The utilization (and migration) of cloud applications is here to stay, presenting both new challenges and significantly, new technical and financial opportunities, as long as they are utilized effectively. As we often say here at GPr Sistemas:

"The use of the cloud is not for amateurs" ... and that's why we rely on FinOps.


Marco Antonio G. Rossi - Director, GPr Sistemas

Vinicius Marcondes - Marketing and Communication

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