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Access Security Components

Updated: Apr 11

With the increase in cyber attacks, ensuring the security and integrity of network infrastructure devices is crucial. Specialized equipment is used for this purpose, whose mission is to prevent possible unauthorized access to corporate networks. Although these devices are susceptible to attacks, they have a set of resources that enable the identification of suspicious activities and prevent their progress. In this context, ensuring security in access and control of network equipment configuration is essential.

This series of articles will explore the complex universe of network security.

Security Perimeter

As the word perimeter indicates, the Security Perimeter corresponds to the line of equipment that defines the boundary between the internal network (secure) and the external network (Internet). In other words, it ensures that users are identified and can only access what they are allowed.

Adopted Solutions

To meet these needs, there are protocols for "AAA" (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) that provide a robust foundation for centralizing and scaling these functions. AAA solutions are widely used in the market, especially in large corporate networks and network service providers. However, due to constant technological evolution, these platforms often integrate or make use of:

Solutions based on SaaS (Software as a Service)

Many organizations are adopting SaaS-based access control solutions, which offer ease of implementation, automatic scalability, and simplified maintenance. These solutions generally provide advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features, dynamic access policies, and integration with other security and identity management tools.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions

IAM platforms are becoming increasingly comprehensive, offering not only authentication and authorization but also advanced identity governance features, such as privileged identity management (PIM) and identity lifecycle management. These solutions can integrate with a wide variety of systems and applications, providing a centralized approach to access control throughout the organization, including digital certificates, OTP tokens, biometrics, among others.

Integration of Security and Network Solutions

Many organizations are seeking solutions that integrate network security functionalities and access control. This can include next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) with integrated user authentication features, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions that combine SD-WAN features and access security, among others.


Access control, and especially the adoption of a tool that allows centralized AAA, is imperative for all networks, regardless of size or business profile. A wide variety of solutions are available to apply a robust level of security in device access, allowing for forensic analysis and real-time alerts.

Author: Oswaldo Franzin - Director of GPr Systems

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