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Power-up G-Gantt Tutorial

You can find here all information you need do get the most from G-Gantt Power-up.

You can try out G-Gantt FAQ to find answer to some specific questions.

Activate G-Gantt Power-up

  1. Log in to your Trello account.

  2. Access your workspace or board where you want to use G-Gantt.

  3. In the right corner of the interface, click the "Power-Ups" button.

  4. In the search bar, type "G-Gantt" and press Enter.

  5. Locate the G-Gantt Power-Up in the search results.

  6. Click the "Activate" button to enable G-Gantt in your workspace or board.

PRO Features

- Dependencies between tasks

- Multiboard navigation feature

- Customize list display color


Gantt Chart Configuration

Gantt Chart Configuration

After activating the Power-Up, you will see a new button called "G-Gantt" on the

top menu of your board.

Gantt Chart View

Gantt Chart View

The Gantt chart will be displayed in the main section of the G-Gantt.

Tasks will be represented by horizontal bars, the length of which indicates the duration.

You can increase or decrease the time granularity in the menu settings, which is accessible via the gear icon, on the top right side of the Power-Up.

Gantt Chart View

You can navigate the chart using the window's side scroll controls.

For greater detail in an analysis, it is possible to filter the visibility of lists in the settings menu.


Gantt Chart View

Editing and Organizing Tasks

Editing and Organizing Task

Tasks are represented by Trello cards.

To define a task on the Gantt chart, create a new card on the Gantt chart. Trello and give it a start date/time and an end date/time.

When you open the Power-Up, the new task will be graphed according to with the dates and times established on the card.


Editing and Organizing Tasks

If you wish to change these dates, you can do so by moving the bar that represents the task to the left/right or by clicking and dragging one of the sides to the left/right.

Editing and Organizing Tasks

The name displayed in the task comes from the title given to the card, limited to the first 3 words if the title is long.

It is possible to change the title directly in the task configuration pop up, this way the title on the Trello card is not changed.

Editing and Organizing Tasks

It is possible to rename the task directly on the card, using the “G-gantt task title” field.

Editing and Organizing Tasks

With the G-Gantt start time button, you can customize the start time of a task.

Visual Identification of Task Monitoring

Visual idetification of task monitoring

It is possible to monitor the status of the task and visually identify whether it is late, close to deadline, in progress or completed.

On bars that represent a task, there is an indicator at the ends which may display different colors according to the status of each activity. The duties may be as follows:


  • Red ends: the task is late

Red End
  • Yellow edges: the task deadline is less than 24 hours


Yellow End
  • Edges in green: the task has been completed

Green End
  • No colors at the ends: the task is not completed and is still on deadline

No color End

Dependencies Among Tasks (PRO Feature)

Dependencies among Tasks

G-Gantt supports defining dependencies between tasks.

To establish a dependency between two tasks, add a link between the respective cards.

  1. Double click on a task and in the pop up window, press the “Define dependency” button.

  2. Double click on another task to establish the dependency between the two.

Dependencies Among Tasks

During the process, you can cancel the dependency definition by pressing the “Esc” key on your keyboard.

Dependencies Among Tasks

To remove an already established dependency, you can do it as follows:

  • Hover over the arrow that represents the connection between two tasks.

  • At this point the arrow will expand.

  • Click and the connection will be removed.

Dependencies Among Tasks

Customizing the Display Color of a List

Customizing the display color of list

Based on the lists in which the cards are grouped, it is possible to configure

personalized colors for tasks, facilitating visual identification. (PRO Feature)

Customizing the Display Color of a List

Tasks with critical criority

Tasks with critical priority
  • It is possible to define a task as critical and in this way, the task in question will assume the highlight color in red, not respecting the color of configuration of your list.

  • To set a task as critical, double-click it and then the popup menu appears.

  • Select the check box to set the task as critical.

Tasks with critical criority

Multiboard Navigation Feature

Multiboard navigation feature

You can navigate to another activity management board via G-Gantt

From the drop-down menu, select the board you want to move to

You will be redirected and will then be able to view the activities on this board

Multiboard Navigation Feature

Disabling the G-Gantt Power-Up

If you no longer want to use G-Gantt, you can deactivate it at any time.

  • Access the "Power-Ups" section in the right side menu.

  • Locate the G-Gantt and click the "Deactivate" button to remove it from your workspace or board.

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